Our Story


Our Team

Founder/Composer - Ian McLeod

Sound Design/Mix  - Scotty Beam

Composer - Matt Sedivy

Composer - Peter Mulcahy

Composer - Jesse Mancia

Composer - Jacob Gago


Here at Cleod9 Music, we have three simple goals.

First and foremost, we are relationship driven. We pride ourselves on building friendships with our filmmakers and promoting collaboration. If that means taking on a project last minute, working through a weekend, or sending an edit back on the eleventh hour, we are willing and able to deliver. We are in this together.

Second, we value content over compensation. Ultimately, our goal is to keep our filmmakers out of the red. That means our price points are fluid and licensing agreements are always flexible. We understand that your client's opinions of music may vary. Some are willing to pay and others take the cheapest option available. We've learned that a little slack on our end will give you the freedom to create an effective story.

Last but not least, let’s talk about timing. We know how fast deadlines move in this industry. At Cleod9, we turnaround tracks "day of." How? Our team consists of five dedicated composers. We create all the music in-house and have generated a full music library on our site. Along with custom work and sound design, our library allows us to hit those quick deliveries. In fact, all of our library tracks can be easily modified to fit your edit. Bottom line — we make your music search more efficient.

We know it's a lost art, but give us a call. We want to hear you story. P: 917-855-7928