Our Brand



Our Story

Our company started with a modest goal. To bring affordable and quality music to storytellers. Filmmakers can invest valuable time exploring SoundCloud profiles or navigating large music databases. Even if they find the right track, it can be costly and rigid, unable to match the edit.

We wanted to fix this problem...

Cleod9 is a music production company made up of four close friends/composers. We each bring a unique sound to our library and pride ourselves on being attentive, efficient and relationship driven.

We have worked on a wide range of national/international projects, including commercials, digital shorts, documentaries and film. Whether it’s a custom track or pre-made song, our goal remains the same...create unique and powerful music to help tell your story.

Contact us with your project and vision. We are excited to hear your story and collaborate on your next feature!

Our Team

Founder/Producer - Ian McLeod

Producer/Composer - Ryan Brinker

Producer/Composer - Matt Sedivy

Producer/Composer - Gus Mikszan