Our Team


Our Story


We are a team of four musicians that come from a variety of different, musical backgrounds.  This diversity helps keep our sounds fresh, well-rounded and unique.

Our goal was to create a family style business: relationship first, dependable, hardworking and hassle free.


As a team, we tackle custom scores quickly and efficiently. We also feature a music library of 300+ original songs, which helps with tight turnarounds and lower budgets.

Any song from our library can be tweaked or extended to fit your edit - free of charge.


Need sound design or a mix?  We can do that too.  Scotty Beam is our sound engineer; an industry vet that served SiriusXM radio for 15+ years. 

Whether it's cleaning up audio or adding foley, we like to get our ears dirty.


All of our music is made in-house. We own 100% of the copyright and publishing.  No unions or red tape, just authentic music that's affordable.

Give us a call and tell us about your next project!